Social Distance Friendly Egg Hunt

A Fun Way to Hunt Easter Eggs that is Social Distance Friendly

By Kara Ault, Macaroni Kid Fayetteville & Rogers-Bentonville Publisher March 25, 2020

We are on day #134,445 (just kidding) of social distancing and no school and I'm trying to keep my own kids entertained as well as sharing ideas with you all to help you during this strange time. 

Since our Macaroni Kid egg hunt can't happen this year, and most, if not all, public egg hunts will likely be canceled, I thought this would be fun to do for Easter. 

It's simple- All you have to do is put an Easter Egg or two (or more!) in your front window. That's it!! Color them, paint them, print them from the printer, whichever you prefer. I've attached a template to make it even easier for you.

Then when you're outside getting some fresh air, walk around your neighborhood and see how many eggs you can find. Your kids will have fun searching for them and enjoy creating their own eggs. I'd love if you shared yours or some you find on our Facebook page or Instagram. Use the hashtag #mkegghunt2020! Have fun!

It’s easy. Social distancing.✔️ Time outside.✔️ Just put some Easter Eggs in your window.✔️