Last Month of Exquisite Creatures@Crystal Bridges: Art, Nature&Science

Last Chance for Exhibit of Geometric Art Made with Animal, Mineral and Plants

By Sponsored by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art April 4, 2024

Does your child like nature? Are they fascinated by insects and animals? If so, a stop by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art soon should be on your bucket list!

From March 16- July 29, visit Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville to see the temporary Exquisite Creatures exhibit from artist Christopher Marley. 

Exquisite Creatures is a dialogue with art, nature, and science that asks the question: what is it about the natural world that calls to us? Throughout the exhibition, artist and naturalist Christopher Marley reflects on humanity’s intimate relationship with nature, revealing its intricate beauty and diversity through three-dimensional works comprised of animal, mineral, and plant specimens arranged in precise, geometric compositions. Shown together, the works create an immersive environment which inspires wonder and fosters a desire to preserve the natural world.

Crystal Bridges welcomes guests to experience the connection between art, nature, and science, emotionally and aesthetically, throughout the exhibition. The museum will activate the show’s themes through nature and science-based programming and activities both inside the museum and outdoors across its trails and grounds.


$12 Adults General Admission
FREE for Crystal Bridges Museum Members, SNAP participants*, Veterans, and Youth 18 and Under
*SNAP participants, please call (479) 657-2335 to enroll for free entry to temporary exhibitions.

More information on the exhibit can be found here.